IP stressors, aka IP Booter services, are self-explanatory; they stress out a designated network or website to take it down. These attack tactics work on sites, networks and servers by overloading the system. The services required by clients are mostly cyber criminals looking to take down websites through DDoS attacks. Offensive DDoS attacks are primarily used for blackmailing or causing a distraction to perform other serious crimes.

How Does Website Booter Work?

IP Stresser services aren't straightforward all the time, and they work strategically for different vectors of attacks. Any single individual doesn't make these attacks; instead, they're performed by a group of individuals. That's where the attack vectors can vary into both a limited and unlimited number of attacks. Their lasting time is dependent on per needs of the client. Depending on the client's motive, it can last for seconds to hours.
Even the price range is affordable to most people, making it one of the scariest and easiest ways to perform this cybercrime. Even if the anyone try to trace the payments, it'll be useless since these payments are made anonymously through the use of cryptocurrencies.

How Dangerous Is Website Booter?

In the past decade, DDoS attack performance was limited by using only proxies to remove identity traces. However, as time passed, cyber criminals started evolving with their attack tactics using a botnet that is several times heavier and more dangerous than before.
Such botnets are created by slipping untraceable malicious programs into countless computers without users' knowledge. They remain undetected because they remain inactive until the programs are exploited to launch DDoS attacks.

Is IP Stresser Legal?

The answer to that question is a bit tricky since the website booter service for hire is problematic. Something is shady if an IP stresser service provider is hiding their identities and offering anonymous payment methods. That's how they can be untraceable from law enforcers if any investigations are to undergo. Of course, if a company tests its own network infrastructure by launching coordinated DDoS attacks on itself, that's perfectly legal. But if such an attack is launched against a third party with malicious intent is undoubtedly illegal in most countries.

Can They Be Used For Good Intention?

As mentioned, IP stressors are highly effective in overloading a network infrastructure. It's an efficient way that network penetrators use to ensure the strength of network layers. They can be used on both network layers as well as application layers. Simultaneous test attacks can be observed to improve the network infrastructures for potential attacks in the future.